Sebastian Schupke


I may say that it is always advantageous to look at things from a different point of view. As a person from outside, I can give your company new, no stereotypical points of view.

I am an easy-going, social and communicative person. I am not afraid of challenges. I believe that exactly these challenges move people forward. As a beginning marketer, I need to experience real situations, real tasks where you can win or lose.

International Sales & MarketingAugust 2017 – present (exp. end date: January 2019)Business Academy South West / Erhvervsakademi SydVest


Marketing ManagementAugust 2015 – June 2017Business Academy South West / Erhvervsakademi SydVest


AP Degree is a full-time higher education programme which corresponds to the first 2 years of a Bachelor's Degree. Afterwards, there is 1½ year BA Degree (top-up) programme for students who have already completed AP Degree.

During studies the emphasis is primarily on practical skills (theory and practice in one programme), the international atmosphere, working on projects in a small team of people, development of students and their self-sufficiency for future employment.


• Business Economics

• Business Law 

• Digital Marketing 

• Economics 

• Entrepreneurship  

• International Marketing 

• Organisation and Supply Chain Management 

• Sales and Marketing Communication 

• Statistics

In addition, as a part of my studies there is Innovation Camp and for chosen students Talent training “Grow Up” .

Marketing Management - Study Program in PDF

Internship Factsheet in PDF

Work experience
Marketing Intern1 January, 2017 – 31 March, 2017Mojefotoškola
  • I was working on daily routines connected with marketing, sales, organisation and communication - in close cooperation with the CEO
  • I suggested to use a task manager for better organisation
  • I help them with defining their business mission, plus with version for potential investors – elevator pitch. I analysed their key ideas by BMC.
  • I made complex marketing audit (External analysis -> Macro-environment: PESTEL; Micro-environment: customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers; SWOT. Internal analysis -> Marketing objectives, Strategic thrust, Strategic objectives – Portfolio Planning by BCG matrix, Core marketing strategy, Market segmentation, Competitor targets, Competitor analysis, Competitive strategy, Competitive Advantage, Marketing Mix – version with 7Ps – because the firm is based on services, Operating Results – Sales, Costs, Profit Margin…; Organisation and Implementation; Control)
  • I defined Persona(s)
  • I mapped Customer Journey
  • Website – I worked with WordPress; I suggested changes to their website to make it user-friendly (graphic, content); I was working on improving SEO (key words, AdWords…)
  • I was creating and managing ads on Google AdWords, Sklik (an equivalent of AdWords in the Czech Republic) and Facebook.
  • I worked with Google Analytics and other SEO tools.
  • I was responsible for social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) – content, customer support/communication
  • In the field of direct marketing, I was preparing newsletters via MailChimp
  • I developed a proposal for how they can improve their sales and marketing
  • I recommended them to follow ideas of Blue Ocean Strategy to the future.
Marketing Consultant20 October, 2016 – 31 December, 2016Mojefotoškola
  • I was providing consultation to the CEO about offline and online marketing
  • I was helping with decision-making, planning and creating strategies
Language proficiency

Czech - Native

Slovak - Native or bilingual proficiency

English - Full professional proficiency

Polish - Limited working proficiency

Spanish - Elementary proficiency

Danish - Begginer