A brief introduction

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Sebastian Schupke and I come from the Czech Republic. I am 24 years old.

I grew up in a small town that I like so much because of its atmosphere and nature around it. There I spent my beautiful childhood and teenage years. What I would like to  mention is that I was attending drama classes there. It was very important breakpoint for me as it helped me a lot in many ways.

During my studies at gymnasium (comparable to British grammar schools), I was working in a student council; later as a chairman. At the same time, I was a part of a group of people who created a project for sharing local students councils' experiences. And because I thought this idea needed more official status, I co-founded Czech High School Students Union as a first unitizing organization for high school students in the Czech Republic.

My family, friends and people who I can trust are very important for me as well.

By studying in a foreign country, I have got the opportunity to get to know new people, their culture, mentality and to know new places. That is why I am in Denmark at the moment.

I am interested in many things and you can see some of them below.


studies in scandinavia

I am a marketing student at Business Academy Southwest (Erhvervsakademi Sydvest) in Denmark. Tuition is held in English.

As it is customary in Scandinavia, approach to teaching is based on close contact between students and teachers. A study programme is developed in close collaboration with business and industry. I have received not only theoretical knowledge, but above all practical skills that enable me to use the gained knowledge in practice.

The Nordic educational model has of course many other useful aspects. Mainly, I should mention openness, understanding, data processing, preparation for working in a team. What is important is that thanks to this educational model, students learn how to identify and acquire their own role in the working group of people. This learning model also encourages and trains deepen interpersonal and creative abilities of a student – everyone is the individuality and unique.

still in progress

I have chosen to study marketing just because it is a very creative field. Due to the constant ongoing competitive fighting, one must be nonstop on guard, trying to develop and invent new ways how to achieve ones’ goals. Among others I am interested in social interaction, body language, psychological aspects of sales (such as the impact of colour, etc.), NLP, business negotiation. Simply said, marketing provides many opportunities.


In the future, I would like to work in the area of marketing. Specifically, I am in e-marketing or psychological background of sales and promotions.


I like learning new skills. At the moment I am trying to run this website. I am not a pro. I have got minimal knowledge about this field, nevertheless I know that this is important for me. I am trying my best.

Among others, I am interested in drama, rhetoric, interesting readings, body language and in a small extent about NLP. In my spare time, I also like playing tennis, swimming, skiing, cycling and cooking.